Actress, Regina Daniels and her Mom share a kiss


Regina Daniels is mummy’s girl and gradually making her way to becoming daughter of the year.

The teenage actress took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself and her mom, who she calls her bestfriend, sharing a kiss.

“Motherly love….abi daughterly love ??? my love for my mama no go fall like dollar”, she captioned the photo.

And trust Nigerians to have an opinion on her post.. They all had mixed reactions.

One user said;

“I’ve never and will never kiss my mom or dad on the lips, that’s just my personal opinion it’s weird to me but I know In some cultures it’s normal.”

Another wrote;

“Ppl calling them lesbians that’s just disgusting, this is a MOTHER and her DAUGHTER, if u have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all, no be by force”

One fan couldn’t hide the love she had for their Mother-Daughter relationship.

She wrote;

“Kiss ur mum wella, don’t just mind wat stupid pple re sayin, pple dat dier heart ND mind is corrupt, after all is ur mom…

If only my mom is still alive, I will kiss her more dan u even do. If I can come out of her womb wat more is wrong if I kiss her.. NIGERIANS CHANGE YOUR MENTALITY”

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