2-Year-Old Ghanaian Girl Found With Blue Eyes Accused Of Witchcraft (Photos)


2 year old ghanaian girl found with blue eyes accused of witchcraftA 2 year old Ghanaian girl has sent Ghanaians on social media into a frenzy after photos of her blue coloured eyes went viral on the Internet.

The toddler has all blue eyeballs which is contrary to the dark eye colour known in Africa. It is however gathered that the girl’s bluish eyes stemmed from a rare condition called Waardenberg Syndrome (WS).

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While many have attributed her rare condition to witchcraft, some others believe a curse is behind it.

However, studies show that Wardenburg Syndromes (WS), is a deficiency that can be inherited from parents. It goes on to suggest that this sort of deficiency is very rare and happens once in every 42,000 births.

A philanthropist, Afi Antonio who first discovered the girl said she often attracts attention whenever she steps out due to her blue eyes.

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She, therefore, appealed to the general public to help her raise funds in order to secure treatment for the sick girl.

See more photos below;

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