You Know You’re in Love When… You Do These 30 Nutty Things


Falling in love is the best. But how do you know it’s real? Well, you know you’re in love when you experience these 30 crazy feelings of love.

When you first start dating someone, if things go well and the relationship progresses, it’s likely that your feelings will intensify and grow stronger. Those first flickers where you feel as though you might be falling in love with someone are so exciting. You start to wonder ‘what if?’ However, while having these feelings is truly wonderful, they also cause a little insecurity. Well, you know you’re in love when you experience these feelings.

Often people want to make sure that they are definitely falling in love before they take that big step and tell the other person. If they aren’t sure how the other person will react or whether they will say it back is particularly nerve-wracking. It leaves you feeling rather vulnerable and exposed.

For others, being sure that they have fallen in love is also important because they don’t want to confuse love with infatuation. Professing their feelings only to have them change further down the line, leading to potential hurt and trouble later on.

You know you’re in love when…

Knowing you are in love isn’t as easy as one might think. Lots of people believe ‘when you know, you just know.’ But the truth is, for those who have never been in love before, this is a confusing time. It can be easy to mistake love for something else.

So, do you want to be sure that your feelings are what you think they are? Well, read on!

#1 You talk about the future. Making future plans with someone and imagining yourselves years down the line shows that you want the same things, are in the same place, and both think this is a relationship ready to last the distance.

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