27 Year Old Lady Genuinely Forgives Her Dad, Who Abandoned Her, After Her Pastor’s Preaching Touched Her


27 year old lady genuinely forgives her dad, who abandoned her, after her pastor's preaching touchedA young lady is currently trending on twitter, after she took to the social media platform to reveal she has forgiven her dad who was not present in her life for over 20 years.

According to the young American lady identified as Emily Flynn, she gained freedom after she forgave her father who had been absent in her life for the past 27 years.

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According to her post, her pastor had earlier preached on forgiveness and then her father called later asking her for forgiveness for not been in her life.

She took to her Twitter page to share this.


Posting a photo of herself and her dad looking happy, she wrote;

“Today my Pastor preached on forgiveness.

My dad calls me asking for forgiveness for not being there in my life and we had a real divine heart to heart conversation.After 27 years, I genuinely forgave him. Matthew 6:12-15 ✨”

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