“Pastor Adeboye Is A Fraud” — RCCG Member Declares (Photos)


Pastor adeboye is a fraud — rccg member declaresA Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG) member identified as @Villageparrot on Twitter, took to the platform to call out the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye over the controversial tithing issue.

According to the Twitter user, Pastor Adeboye is a fraud.

He further stated that spiritual leader, Guru Maharaji will make heaven ahead of some of the acclaimed anointed pastors.

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Read his tweets below;

“Pastor Adeboye tells pastors to tell their church members they won’t make heaven unless they pay their tithe. One word for him: fraud! We need to put an end to pastors blackmailing the hopeless and poor into giving what they don’t have.

Pastor Adeboye even disappoints me the most primarily because I expected more; secondarily because he’s my pastor. This is not how Jesus Christ instructed us to live in the Bible. He taught us so much more.

What would it take Pastor Adeboye on one night to ask congregation to donate a total of N500m to build hospitals, skills development centers, sports centers, schools for IDP camps?

What would it cost Pastor Adeboye to have a special outreach to help residents of IDP Camps? What much better way to preach the love of Christ is there than to do something for the less privileged?
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The other day Pastor Adeboye announced 2 million people should be fed every Sunday. There’s a difference between feeding 2 million people and feeding 2 million HUNGRY people. But barest minimum Twitter said that was enough.

Only thing Pastor Adeboye knows how to do is stand on that pulpit to ask people to donate billions of Naira to build more church branches. Please, how is this any different from a business model?

Of course you’ll be right to say “taking care of IDP Camps is government’s responsibility” …but, the Bible didn’t teach that we should leave kindness and humanity to government, so…

I read my Bible properly, through and through. I attend RCCG and I am telling you that Pastor Adeboye declaring non-payment of tithe as the ticket to hell is FRAUD!

I know many of you will come and say “How do you know Pastor Adeboye is not doing this already?” My answer is NO! In furtherance, don’t be a fool to defend a pastor that doesn’t even know your name.

It’s time everybody came to full appreciation that churches in Nigeria are business establishments set up to extort the poor and hopeless.

“If you give your tithe, the windows of heaven will open to you…” IT IS A SCAM! How many rich men of this world give tithes? Dangote dey pay tithes? Okay, I know you’ll say devil gave them that money. Shut up!

If Jesus Christ was in Nigeria, would he ignore the IDP Camps and not bring good tidings to them? Aren’t they our brothers, sisters and neighbors? Why can’t Pastor Adeboye say “okay this month, we are raising N500m for our kinsmen in IDP Camps”?

Pastors acquiring private jets, building mansions, amassing stupendous wealth, but they’re teaching the poor masses “Heaven is your goal and home, this world is a journey” Isn’t that fraudulent?

Look at what Sam Adeyemi, for example, has done with DayStar. See how he tries to reach as many people as he can. He teaches. He nurtures. That’s what pastors are meant to do. Not arm-twisting people into giving what they barely can get by with.

But yes, pastors have managed to cage a lot of people by “touch not my anointed” and they’ve lied to you that “touch” includes talking. Well, all the ‘big’ pastors in this country are frauds and that’s that! Touch not my anointed my black ass.

Pastors that take money from the same politicians that have impoverished their congregation, is that a pastor one should respect?

Pastors that take money from politicians, then are the first to call judges (a member of their church) when such politicians face charges in their court. Nah, not today Satan.

Typical Nigerian church:- Preach prosperity – Ask for donations – Do thanksgiving – Ask for donation – Preach about tithe – Ask for donation. Money, money, money, money.

Guru Maharaji will make heaven ahead of some of your “anointed” pastors. It’ll shock you.

All the tithe RCCG has been receiving, what have they done with it? They successfully built a school that members of their church can’t afford. School built with their hard-earned money.”

I speak in view of the expectation that pastors, self-acclaimed worshippers of God and followers of Christ, don’t live in accordance to what we’ve come to learn about Jesus Christ in the Bible.

As a Pastor, a follower of Christ, you’re expected to be kind, loving. The Bible tasks Christians to let others see Jesus in you, that the world may see the works and glorify the Father who’s in heaven.

I didn’t speak expressly about tithe, it was just what led to the broader opinions I had.

I say again, THERE IS NOTHING BIBLICAL about a Pastor amassing wealth in the midst of a multitude of impoverished and hungry people.

A lot of deceived people will tell you churches help people without making it public, but in most cases that’s just 1 in 30 cases.

Church expects you to pay tithes but when you have a problem what you hear is “let us pray for Brother Chinonso”

Pastors no longer care about the welfare of members; their challenges and travails. They’re more concerned with messages that will siphon monies from your pockets.

You’re told, “you have to give to God, so that he can give to you.”

How many of these ‘big pastors’ (such as Adeboye, Oyedepo) has ever preached that God blesses you so you can bless the poor around you?

How many times have they fervently preached that members should help the poor?

Yes, you’ll be told the story of the widow’s mite. Has it ever occurred to you that the widow gave Jesus Christ all she had because Jesus himself at the time WAS POOR?

Did it occur to you that Jesus was given things because he didn’t have himself?

In what passage of the Bible did Jesus Christ say you must pay tithe? None!

Isn’t tithe part of the law that Jesus Christ said he came to abolish?

We shall come back to that at a later time.

Nigerian pastors have fully turned Christianity into an enterprise and everyone just looks on because “touch not my anointed”.

What does the word “anointed” mean to you? Aren’t you also “anointed” as a Christian?

“Touch not my anointed” doesn’t mean you can’t talk, or challenge, or criticize FAIRLY!

“Do my prophet no harm” – talk has never killed anybody.

Furthermore, you’re also an ANOINTED!

Many of you really need to study your Bible personally to understand that your celebrity pastors ARE NOT FULLY living according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

A pastor who tells you that “Heaven is your goal” is stacking HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in his bank account. But you are told that “Jesus was poor so you can be rich”

Are you rich?

Does God now accept dollars as a pass to heaven?

Politicians steal money and pay tithes, it’ll come naturally for them to part with any amount. People do all sorts of illegal things and still pay tithe, they’re taken into the Lord’s cofers.

But your pastor tells you that your first salary must be brought into the house of God (this happens in MFM). Your little N19,800 ‘alawee’ is still expected to fork out N1,980 to pay tithe.
Have you ever asked yourselves where your tithes go? What it’s spent on?

“It’s not your business how your tithes are spent, just do yours for God”

Really? *in Oyakhilome’s voice* That is the voice of foolishness!

What exactly have these churches given back to their suffering congregation? There are many members of these churches that have dropped out of school, died as a result of inability to afford treatment, yet church must remain untouched.

You’re living in penury, as are many other members, but you’re defending a pastor who’s raking in millions of whatever currency he desires his net worth in on a daily basis in his personal bank accounts.

Your politicians steal your future and dump a chunk of that loot as tithes and donations to these churches. Your pastors remain quiet.

How many times has Adeboye used his influence to SPEAK TRUTH in the harshest tones to power?

How many times have these pastors called out our leaders? Or even, as an example, bar these corrupt politicians from visiting their churches?

‏ RCCG housed Obasanjo, Jonathan, even had Fashola, Buhari use the church for optics in 2015. Osinbajo was a pastor of that church for decades.

ALL THE ABOVE NAMED should’ve been cast out by a pastor who puts his congregation first.

Your pastors don’t put your welfare first.

You’re expendable. You’re just a brainwashed, deceived, conditioned, forgotten, destroyed and religiously medicated lost soul.

Find yourself. Seek your God in your own terms. Serve him as it pleases your soul.

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