6 Ways That Can Help Skyrocket Your Productivity And Help Your Business


6 ways that can help skyrocket your productivity and help your businessSuccess in business, your job or carrying out daily routine tasks is highly hinged on how productive you are.

This in retrospect is determined by your efficiency in managing time and energy.Below are strategies that can help skyrocket your productivity.

1 . Set actionable goals.

Without a definitive plan or outlined expectation of what you want to accomplish from a day, life will surprise you with unexpected occurrences that could better be avoided if proper goals are set.

A lot of individuals do not reach their goals because they set “unrealistic” goals. To prevent such occurrence, learn to set SMART goals. A goal should be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, and have a TIME Frame or deadline.

Avoid writing down goals that are irrational or illogical. Be specific on what you want. Draft out an approach or actionable steps that can appropriate your plans. Give yourself a deadline and measure your progress along the way.


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2 . Prioritize.

Poor time management is largely as a result of unclear priorities. Allowing your actions to go unregulated or predetermined will leave you struggling to meet up with life’s daily demands that fight for your attention.

If you take a close and honest look at all your tasks, you’ll see that many of them are not working towards your top priorities. As a general rule, try not to have more than 5 priorities per day. If you want to get everything that is truly important done, you must learn to declutter your To-Do lists.


3 . Avoid multi-tasking

Your brain wasn’t designed to function in stress. Doing multiple stuff at the same time would leave you worn out and miserable. Use a hypothetical Scale of preference to organise your work and only tackle tasks that requires utmost attention. Take your tasks one step at a time.


4 . Use automation

Technology can be a handy tool if you know how to use it to your advantage. Almost anything repetitive and monotonous that you do can be automated, or at least made more efficient.

Avoid spending time doing repetitive tasks that could otherwise be automated. There are useful integrations that are available at your disposal. Use integrations such as Google calendar, School Planner and Trello to organise your worksheet. Tools like IFTTT, Buffer and Zapier makes it super easy to create workflows between different apps and software. Also, tools like MailChimp and Aweber makes it possible to schedule periodical emails to your contact lists.

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5 . Delegate.

Trying to be a superman in the labour market will eventually get you stressed and this will hamper your productivity.

Identify what you can add the most value to and get the most leverage from, and have others help you do the rest. You will only bottleneck things and set yourself on a path toward burnout if you try to do it all. In plain honestly, you need help.

For most students, you might find it difficult balancing humongous amount of school work, your part-time job and a healthy social life. Rather than scrambling to get all these in-check, sites like smiletutor.sg can help you get the assistance you need in finding a home tutor who can assist with your school work.


6 . Get quality sleep:

Your body cannot function in its optimum state without proper rest. You’ll be doing yourself a grave injustice by cheating yourself of sleep.

While the aim isn’t to get 10hours of sleep due to the fact that a good sleep isn’t measured by quantity but by quality, it is important to set the right internal body condition needed for a good sleep.

A good sleep can be achieved by drinking a cold glass of water before bed. This helps to stabilize your hormone levels and allows the body restore itself naturally.

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